Roads deemed impassable after snowfall in Limestone County


Impassable. That’s what the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency deemed the roads in Limestone County, but drivers say the road conditions could be worse.

“The roads aren’t too bad, the patchy ice is the biggest problem probably, seem like you’re going pretty good and then you hit a patch of ice and you can slide a little bit,” said Daniel Campell.

Troopers were called out to multiple weather related car crashes throughout the county. They encourage drivers to stay off the roadways, but Campbell had to make a quick trip.

“We went to Tractor Supply for a part and we’re heading back to the house,” he said.

Sophia Shoulders was one of the few people who actually had to go to work today. “Highway 31 was really clear, I was surprised by that. I didn’t go all the way into town, into Athens so I’m really sure about the roads in Athens but my drive home from works was a pretty safe one,” Shoulders explained.

WZDX caught up with a gas station clerk in Tanner who said dead roads are bad for business.

“I’ve never seen it that slow, I’ve worked here and every time it’s busy. Right now it’s really slow I want to go home too because it’s really slow,” Pelol Luca said.

Troopers say they are monitoring road conditions and are keeping them as safe as possible. Icy roadways are expected throughout the night. If you don’t have to be on the road, stay home.

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