Report potholes and other municipal issues with Huntsville Connect Service Request


Huntsville residents have been using the City’s service request platform– Huntsville Connect, in record numbers since the program launched.

The program allows you to report non-emergency municipal issues and track its progress.

“Probably… eight to ten. Eight to ten,” said John Shumpert, Huntsville resident. 

That’s the number of potholes Shumpert drove by on his way to the park Wednesday.

“Some of them have been fixed, that I came across today, that I’d seen before. Then I saw some that hadn’t been fixed, they were on different streets,” Shumpert explained. 

Potholes are just one of the issues residents can report to the City government, using the Huntsville Connect service request program. 

“Houses that have littering problems in their yard, that’s another thing that gets reported a lot.  Lose animals, dogs patrolling the streets that can be threatening to some people, that gets reported,” said Bill Kling, City Council member for District 4. 

Reporting a municipal issue is as easy as logging on to the City website or downloading the Huntsville Connect app on your smart phone.

“Pot holes, it will go on a list and it will be addressed pretty quickly. Neighborhood houses that people feel there needs to be an inspection in the yard on, I’d say usually within 48 hours there’s going to be an inspector that goes out there,” Kling said.

You can track existing problems that have been reported and will be notified when your issue is resolved. Councilman Bill Kling said it’s a great way to make City government accessible and transparent to the public.

“With modern technology, Huntsville can be moving right up, be on the forefront and we can help make City government a little bit more responsive and a little bit more efficient for our costumers,” Kling added. 

The Huntsville Connect service request program is for non-emergency requests only.

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