Redstone Arsenal Roads and Gates Affected by Flooding



Gate 7, Martin Road West has reverted to normal operating hours (inbound open 5:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. / outbound open until 9pm) because Zierdt Road, along the western border of the Arsenal, is open again.

Gate 3, Redstone Road (inbound and outbound) will remain open until 6pm.

Patton Road, between Redstone Road and Mills Road, remains closed due to flooding.

Since Gate 3 and Patton Road South will be closed during the evening hours, personnel may access the southern part of the Arsenal by taking Martin, turning south on Dodd Road and west on Buxton Road – ONLY between the hours of 6 pm – 5:30 am, tonight.


Redstone Arsenal is experiencing flooding of roadways both on and around the installation that will impact drivers coming to work Monday morning.

The most significant impacts are to Gate 3, Redstone Road, and Gate 7, Martin Road West. Both gates will be open for limited accessibility due to flood conditions in those areas.

Gate 3, Redstone Road, Impacts:

  • Gate 3 will be open, but only to employees who work in areas south of Redstone Road. This is currently the ONLY way to gain access to the south end of the Post.
  • Patton Road North from Redstone Road to Mills Road is currently closed due to flooding.
  • Employees who use Gate 3 to travel north on Patton will need to use Gates 1, 8, 9, or 10 as an alternative entrance.

Gate 7, Martin Road West, Impacts:

  • Gate 7 will be open, however it is only accessible from Zierdt Road south of Martin Road.
  • Zierdt Road north of Gate 7, and James Record Road west of Zierdt Road are experiencing flood conditions.

All other entrances to the Arsenal (Gates 1, 8, 9 and 10) will be open and fully operational.

Redstone Arsenal acknowledges that impacts at other gates will result in increased traffic congestion at Gate 9, Rideout Road, during rush hour periods.

Additional guards will be present at that location to help move traffic through the gate as quickly as possible. All employees are encouraged to anticipate a slightly longer wait at all gates, and plan your drive accordingly.

The Arsenal expects conditions to continue through next week due to current flood conditions across certain roadways, the chance of additional rain, and the continued rising water levels of the Tennessee River.

Courtesy of Redstone Arsenal

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