Redstone Arsenal makes it easier for you to go in


It’s about to get easier to go onto Redstone Arsenal.

They’re getting rid of the hoops you have to jump through. They want the community to take advantage of the family activities they say aren’t being used enough.

Starting January 1st you won’t need a sponsor to get in. You’ll just need an access badge that lets you do the fun things like bowling.

“We believe that will increase the number of weddings, receptions, parties that we are able to host here on the arsenal,” said Garrison Commander Colonel Kelsey Smith about the new badges that will make it easier to use space at the convention center.

The arsenal has community activity spaces like that convention center, bowling, a golf course, and arts centers. The colonel wants the Rocket City to easily access it all.

“Invite them here on Redstone Arsenal, see what it is all about,” he said. “We have plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy leisure and recreation, as well as to visit your friends and family.”

The first thing he brings up: this will not change their security.

To get an access badge you must be over 18, have a clean criminal history, and be a U.S. citizen. You’ll go through a background check and in about 15 minutes you’ll get a one-year access card.

The colonel predicts their bowling center will be able to compete with ones off the arsenal and more people will be playing golf. But this isn’t exactly a business move. He says they’re doing this to connect more with the community.

“We believe that it’s our opportunity to extend our hand, make it a bit easier, while at the same time not compromise our security,” said Smith.

The arsenal is 38,000 acres. Your access badge basically gives you access to the roads and community buildings, but not to secure facilities.

The colonel says to plan ahead when you go to get your access pass. He adds that the pass doesn’t give you access to the benefits people who work there get. You won’t be able to use things like the commissary or gym.

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