Redstone Arsenal incident update

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Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander Col. Thomas Holliday released more information about the incident at Redstone Arsenal in an afternoon press conference.

He said that while the investigation is ongoing, they have determined that there was no active shooter and no injuries. No one has been found with a weapon and there is no evidence of shots fired.

It began with a pair of 911 calls at about 9:40 Tuesday morning reporting shots fired and someone seeing a weapon. That led to the response that included securing the entire arsenal.

At about 12:15, it was determined that the situation was isolated to Sparkman Center. All arsenal gates were reopened around that time. Authorities began deliberately clearing the Sparkman Center building, announcing it as cleared at 2:15.

Holliday explained that because of the size of the building, approximately 1.5 million square feet, it takes time to clear every room and person.

The investigation is being handled by the Criminal Investigation Division. Col. Holliday stressed that this does not mean that any criminal action has been found. This is just the division that handles the investigation.

He did say that they will be looking into reports of problems with communication in the area of Sparkman Center, particularly regarding cell phone service.

There were a few medical calls, but these were related to people being outside in the elements and not related to any possible shooter.

Holliday praised the responders and agencies involved, including local, state, and on the arsenal. He stressed that they train for situations like this on a daily basis, and the response shows that the training works.

An active shooter training exercise planned for later this week has been canceled. 

Reporter Christina Ailsworth was live at the 4:00pm update from Col. Thomas Holliday, Garrison Commander at Redstone Arsenal.

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