Record-setting holiday travel begins this weekend

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If you plan to leave tomorrow for the holiday weekend, brace yourselves. Tomorrow is considered the busiest travel day of the Christmas weekend.

It’s the weekend before Christmas and there are no lines at Huntsville International Airport.

“We’re a business airport and so typically our busy days are when people are getting those last-minute business trips in,” said spokesperson Jana Kuner.

But don’t let Huntsville Airport fool you, because you won’t get the same luxury if you have a connecting flight.

“It’s the second busiest time of year in Atlanta and Charlotte, and all of those connecting airports they should expect big crowds,” Kuner explained.

AAA expects 107.3 million Americans to travel between tomorrow and January 1st. 6.4 million people will fly.

“When you’re traveling on the busiest day of the year, people to travel to see family, you have to have some type of patience,” said traveler Lucien Walker.

Make sure you’re not held up at TSA. “Snow globes are popular this time of year and you have to remember that those are going to apply the 3/4 ounces rule, so you won’t be able to take those through carry on. Also, a lot of time people are taking gifts for children and sometimes those can be guns or swords and you can’t tell in those X-ray machines,” Kuner said.

For the 97 million people driving home for Christmas…

“I hear people say all the time well maybe I go five over the speed limit, maybe I go 10 over the speed limit. I want you to make it a habit this particular holiday to try and do the speed limit. People say well I don’t wear my seat belt all the time, I want you to make it a habit to put your seat belt on this weekend,” said Alabama State Trooper Curtis Summerville.

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