Report: “Love Bench” One Of The Early Signs Of Bentley Affair


(WKRG) – New information on the relationship between Governor Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason is emerging in the report just released to the House Judiciary committee. The documents released Friday detail text messages and even a spot at the Governor’s mansion staffers had come to call the “love bench,” a spot where Bentley and Mason were often seen together.

Also, the report outlines texts Bentley’s wife says she was actually able see her husband and Mason exchanging at an event, while they sat across the table from one another. Bentley and his wife were at a dinner at the Old Ebbit Grill in Washington, DC. Mason was on the other side of the table. Those texts included Bentley writing to Mason, “I can’t take my eyes off of you.”

The report says “…later that evening at a D.C. bar, Mason bragged that Governor Bentley had called and told her that he had opened his hotel room door to hotel staff while clad in boxers, believing Mason was on the other side…signs that the Bentley-Mason relationship had become romantic in nature occurred with greater frequency.”

The report goes on to say “…there were less obvious incidents such as Ms. Bentley finding towels in the dryer of the couple’s beach house when it was supposedly unoccupied, or Governor Bentley’s refusal to hold his wife’s hand as they descended the steps of the State Capitol for the National Day of Prayer.”

According to the report,  “…in the spring 2014, Governor Bentley mistakenly sent to Ms. Bentley a text message that stated, “I love you Rebekah” and was accompanied by a red-rose emoji. On other occasions, Ms. Bentley was able to read text messages sent by her husband to Mason because he had given Ms. Bentley his state-issued iPad, not understanding that it shared the same “cloud” as his state-issued iPhone and granted equal access to all message functions.”

As for the “love bench” according to the report, “…it was a bench in a courtyard garden in a corner of the grounds, in full view of office windows, where Governor Bentley and Mason would sit together.

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