Democratic National Party to oversee new Alabama Democratic Party Elections


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The credentials committee of the Democratic National Committee will oversee new elections within the Alabama Democratic Party as a result of a complaint filed by minority members of the State Democratic Executive Committee, according to Alabama Democratic Party Chairperson Nancy Worley.

Worley tells CBS 42 News that she will be allowed to continue serving as Chairperson until the new elections, which will be held within 90 days. Worley says Vice Chairperson Randy Kelley will also be allowed to continue serving in his role. 

The complaint from members of the executive committee challenged procedures followed in previous elections held in August 2018, claiming certain rules were violated. 

This decision and the internal battles which led to it underscore tension within the state democratic party, which had a weak showing in the November 2018 midterm elections. Worley has served as Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party since 2013, and has fought off criticism in recent months related to her work in the democratic effort in the midterms.

The Alabama Young Democrats issued a statement in regards to the DNC’s actions relating to the inclusiveness int he Alabama Democratic Party.

It states, The Alabama Young Democrats support free, fair, and open elections everywhere. To protect our democracy, those elections, whether for public office or party position, must follow the procedures in place to ensure integrity within the electoral process.

In addition the release says, AYD welcomes the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Committee’s decision to hold elections for Alabama Democratic Party officers following the rules and procedures set forth in our party’s governing documents, including fair representation for all. Regardless of the outcome and who holds state party positions, AYD stands ready to work to ensure the Democrats win in Alabama, beginning with protecting the US Senate seat held by Doug Jones in 2020.

“I’m obviously disappointed in the results, but quite frankly it will be an opportunity for us to lay all of the questions to rest. It will be an opportunity to make sure that everybody’s wearing a lanyard and their credentials can’t be questioned.” siad Nancy Worley. 

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