Personal Storm Shelters available in the Tennessee Valley

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After the devastation in Lee County, personal storm shelter installation has seen a spike and folks in the Tennessee Valley are looking to better prepare themselves in the event of another disaster. 

Personal storm shelters range in size and price, but their results are pretty consistent. The reliable and sturdy design helps folks stay safe and feel comfortable.

Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama have been offering personal shelters in the area since 2007. Each shelter is designed to withstand an EF5 tornado. Hans Schoff works for and explains the process in the video below. 

Schoff says there are multiple options when it comes to installing a personal shelter. The safest and most affordable option is the underground shelter. The 6-person, underground shelter is his most popular purchase, which typically costs around $4,900.

Other options outside of building underground include hillside and above ground. 

The above ground option is a steel-built box that drills into the ground. The most common place for this shelter to be found is in the garage. This option has been tested in tornado-like conditions and can withold high intensity debris, but is also a couple hundred dollars more expensive. 

Payments for personal shelters can be made all at once or over time. expects a 1/3 down-payment for each shelter up front. Prices for shelters can be found here. Each shelter is given a lifetime warranty. 

This time of year, Lifesaver Storm Shelters of North Alabama typically sees a spike in demand. Schoff says right now their biggest challenge when it comes to installing is the wet ground. He says the best time to get an installation is in the Fall. 

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Typically, the process to get a personal shelter installed takes 2-3 weeks, depending on availability. Schoff says if inventory is available, and the schedule is clear, they can install as quickly as the day of calling. For frequently asked questions, click here

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