People in Huntsville want a lottery to fund education


An Alabama lottery bill recently passed the Senate with a 21 to 12 vote. It needed 21 votes in order to pass.

The bill by Republican Senator Greg Albritton would limit a lottery to paper tickets.

If passed, the funds from the lottery bill would support the Alabama general fund. Many people in Huntsville say that they think at least some of the revenue should go toward education.

Huntsville resident, Debbie Agarwal, said, “All of our schools need more funding obviously for just supplies and teachers, and all the different programs.”

It is estimated that the lottery would bring in about $167 million a year after lottery expenses. That money would first go to help repay the Alabama Trust Fund debt. Then, half of the revenue would support the general fund. Eventually, half of the money would be tucked away in the trust fund.

Although many people in Huntsville say they would rather the funds benefit schools, there are still several in support of an Alabama lottery.

“I think that they should vote for it. I think it’s good for the state, and people are leaving the state to go to other states to buy the tickets, so they might as well get them here,” said Agarwal.

Because this bill would only allow paper lottery tickets, senators added two amendments that would prevent existing electronic games at dog tracks form being shut down.

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