People in Huntsville march for women’s rights


Today, people in Huntsville took to the streets of downtown to protest the Alabama abortion ban.

It’s been less than a week since Governor Kay Ivey signed the Alabama abortion ban into law. The ban makes it a class A felony to perform an abortion in the state with no exceptions for rape or incest victims.

What was supposed to be a march of nearly 300 turned into only a dozen. Due to comments and concerns posted on the event’s Facebook page, only a few people decided to march. The people who did come out had a point to get across.

Pro choice activist Loki Pace, said, “Incest is so much alive in Alabama. Let’s be real about that, and then rape. Nobody should have to carry their rapists baby, and if you actually do the research, a lot of states give parental rights to rapists.”

The protesters marched from Big Spring Park to the Madison County Courthouse. They say they’re marching for women’s rights.

“I’m fighting for the women who are going to find out about these laws and are too scared and are going to do something to themselves. I’m fighting for the women who are too young and don’t know what to do so they do something to themselves,” said Women’s March organizer, Halie Mae.

There will also be a pro life protest at the Alabama’s Women’s Center this Friday.


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