People in Huntsville are bracing for winter weather


Snow is coming, and people in the Tennessee Valley are bracing for it.

A winter storm watch throughout North Alabama will go into effect at midnight through 12:00 Tuesday afternoon.

Winter weather doesn’t happen often in the Tennessee Valley, so preparation for the cold is starting now. You may have been held up on the roads today as ALDOT began treating roads.

While the streets will be ready for travelers, some people are preparing to be stuck at home.

Huntsville resident, Chelsea Ugheoke, says it’s important to go ahead and get your winter weather kits ready.

“Grab some stuff the day before. Just get yourself prepared… blankets, water, just the necessities because the roads could be too icy to go out,” said Ugheoke.

Along with a home emergency kit, stock your vehicle with a cell phone charger, rock salt or cat litter, and snacks in case of an emergency.

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