Peggy Suggs Wins Valley’s Top Teacher


Preschool is an exciting time in the classroom of Peggy Suggs at Frances Nungester Elementary in Decatur.

“Some of them come in with tears the first day of school, and before long they are running down the hall to get in here,” smiles Peggy Suggs, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

Not only does she get to see them grow in a social setting, she also gets to see their minds grow bigger and bigger.

“When they come to me they basically know nothing,” shares Mrs. Suggs. “Hopefully when they leave they know letters, they know sounds, they are putting words together, they know their numbers.”

Her kids say they get to learn all sorts of things from Mrs. Suggs.

“We learn how to read,” says Mia Craig, a preschool student.

“We learn words and numbers,” adds Angel Garcia, another preschool student.

Over the past 38 years teaching, Mrs. Suggs says it is always rewarding to watch her kids flourish and succeed.

“I don’t get to see theri first step, but I do get to hear their first word,” she smiles. “That makes it worth everything.”

Mrs. Suggs students adore her. They say she always helps them, gives them hugs, and she is really smart!

“She is nice and she knows everything,” says Mia Craig.

Mrs. Suggs also says she could not do it all without her right-hand woman.

“Mrs. Strong, my co-teacher, I couldn’t do it without her,” explains Mrs. Suggs. “She is absolutley wonderful.”

After years of loving children and giving them a safe place to grow, Mrs. Suggs is retiring. She has mixed emotions, but says she has loved her career and when it comes down to it – she just loves the children.

“I already shed a few tears about not being able to do this or that again, I’ll miss the kids a lot,” says Mrs. Suggs.

If you have a teacher you admire, you can nominate them to be the “Valley’s Top Teacher” by clicking here.

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