Parents concerned proposed sales tax increase will not benefit students


The Guntersville City Council is proposing a 1% sales tax increase, bumping it up from 8% to 9%, but some don’t think it’s enough.

Leamon Yarbrough referred to himself as a concerned parent who wants to make kids in Guntersville a priority.

“Nine and a half is the state average. This is a resort town. We have a lot of folks visit this town to visit our lake, and a great bit of that burden is going to be put on those individuals and those folks visiting here,” said Yarbrough.

If passed, the money from the one cent sales tax would go toward capital projects throughout the city, and after five years, the school system would get half a cent. Many parents are concerned their kids are being put on the back burner.

Many think it’s time to build a new Guntersville High School. Parents want the city to go ahead and bump up the sales tax an extra 0.5%. The idea is that the school board can use the extra half a penny now and get a full penny in five years.

“When they get to the point of a new high school, they’re going to need a full penny and probably then some to be able to fund a $50 million high school,” said Yarbrough.

Some say the other schools in the city need improvements as well, and they need the money now. Parents have created a Facebook page for those who want to join the 9.5% movement.

The city council will meet Monday at 6:00 P.M. to vote on the tax increase.

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