October 2020 Is The Deadline For Alabamians To Get A Star ID


The Secure, Trusted, And Reliable ID or STAR ID  is Alabama’s compliance to the REAL ID passed by congress.

Cpl. Jess Thornton with ALEA say the STAR ID is basically a more secure form of identification, it protects against fraudulent documentation, and it’s in response to terrorist acts such as 9/11.

Here’s what will change on your ID, at the top corner, you’ll have a gold star proving the ID belongs to the person using it.

And part of meeting that requirement, you’ll needs some documents like; birth certificate, social security card, and you’ll have to take proof of your residence to a local ALEA drivers license office to get that ID.

If you’re the person sitting at home saying you may never get on an airplane, well— you still might need this ID.

Thornton says it’s not necessary for flying, it’s also to gain access to certain federal facilities, and some of those facilitates are already requiring STAR ID’S.

There’s no additional cost for the STAR ID.

Thornton say you could go and get a START ID now even if your license is not expired in advance, it will just be a duplicate, you can also renew your license up to 180 days before they’re up for renewal.

Again you have until October of 2020 to get that STAR ID.

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