North Alabama seeing lower gas prices

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As many know, owning a vehicle costs a lot of money. AAA says in 2018, the total annual cost to drive a new vehicle 15,000 miles was $8,849, which is a 4.5% increase from 2017.

One of the top three costs for a vehicle is the fuel. On average, owners will spend more than $1,600 annually on gas alone. 

Thankfully in the past month, the oil industry has seen a boom. Supply has been high, causing gas prices to temporarily decrease.

According to GasBuddy, Huntsville gas prices have dropped almost two cents/per gallon in the last week. The average right now is $1.96/g in Huntsville, but compare that to the nations average of $2.22/g and Huntsville is down twenty-six cents. 

Average prices around North Alabama range anywhere from $1.79/g to $1.99/g. 

The state of Alabama is one of eleven states with an average under $2.00/g. Because of high prices on the West Coast, the nations median gas price currently sits at $2.07/g. 

GasBuddy suspects prices to see an increase again next month. 

For fuel saving tips when prices begin to rise again, click here.

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