New weather sirens in Madison County

We've got good news for folks in the Brownsboro and Gurley area. Brand new weather warning sirens are installed.

A big thank you to Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill, State Senator Steve Lingston and State Rep. Ritchie Whorton.

They're behind this new move, and they say citizen safety is a top priority.
The new sirens can be heard loud and clear -- just in time for spring.

"We've worked quickly, and we have been able to put up a siren. Now severe weather is here, and we have an outdoor siren that will be in place and functional," says Hill. 

"I was very surprised when I heard the siren went off, but it was very loud and clear. I immediately knew the purpose of it, and for us it is comforting. We just moved here and we are not familiar with tornadoes. It's special for us to know that we have something special in the area to depend on," says Philip Schaffner. 

These new sirens replace older ones that could stop working at anytime. You can find them at the Maysville Church of Christ.

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