New security updates at Point Mallard Water Park


It has been almost two weeks since two people were shot at Point Mallard Water Park.

Today, new security measures were put in place to make the park safer. After reviewing the shooting at the Splash into Summer event on June 1st, Decatur city officials say the biggest problem they want to solve is over crowding.

There were over 5,000 people at the park the night of the shooting. Point Mallard Water Park can hold up to 10,000 people. Due to the way people crowd certain areas, only 6,000 people will now be allowed at the park at one time.

Decatur Parks and Recreation Director, Jason Lake, said, “We know that the number that can be in there is much larger, but what we’re looking for is what makes sense for us and how many people can come in and we can control safely.”

Officials say state law prevents the city from placing metal detectors at the entrances. They’ve discussed implementing bag checks or putting a clear bag policy in place, but they decided against both.

Chief Nate Allen with the Decatur Police Department, said, “Families come with small kids with diaper bags. If you go with a clear bag policy right away, all of the ladies out there who are carrying kids in there will have to change out diaper bags and go to clear bags. To me, that would be a discouragement for coming out there.”

Point Mallard staff will also stop entry into the park an hour before closing to prevent crowding as people leave.

WATCH: Full Point Mallard security press conference


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