New Morgan County Sheriff Ron Puckett will focus on tackling county’s drug issue


Morgan County officially has a new sheriff who is no stranger to serving and protecting.

Sheriff Ron Puckett was sworn in Monday in front of the Old Morgan County Court House. With his hand on the Bible Puckett officially took on the role of Morgan County Sheriff.

Puckett's focus will be on addressing the drug issue facing Morgan County.

“I don’t take that lightly, I’m committed to doing what I said I would be doing. Being an honest, a man of integrity and a godly character,” said Sheriff Ron Puckett. 

Puckett will be leading 48 deputies and about 130 jail staff. He served as the Hartselle Police Chief for 13 years and says he’s prepared for the challenges, that will come with running a larger department. 

“I have a lot to learn. I’m not familiar with this county jail. It is huge. There’s 600 inmates, so I’m going to be in a huge learning curve, learning this jail but I’m confident the men and women that work there, they know what to do, and how to do it,” Puckett said.  

Puckett’s focus will be on addressing the drug issue facing Morgan County.

“Drugs are still rampant in this county, they have been. They will always probably be a major issue for us, so we’ve got to continue to fight, this major war on drugs,” he explained.  

Puckett is replacing Sheriff Ana Franklin, who is currently facing two federal lawsuits. He says Franklin’s controversial time in the sheriff’s office is in the past and the best days are ahead.

“Today is a new start and that’s how we’re going to approach this. It’s a new start for our county, it’s a new start for our employees in the sheriff’s office we’re ready to get going,” Puckett added. 

One of the first order of business Puckett is taking care of is bringing in a public relations officer.

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