New Law Could Help Reinstate Drivers Licenses For Nearly 20,000 Alabamians


A new law by the Alabama law enforcement agency could reinstate the drivers licenses for nearly 20 thousand Alabamians who’s licenses were suspended, for an inability to pay traffic tickets.

Last month the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a lawsuit against the state for their old policy, but now this form could reinstate thousands of drivers licenses.

Starting this week the Alabama law enforcement agency issued a rule to allow people to apply for a headship drivers licenses.

Dev Wakeley with Alabama Arise says this hardship licenses rule will lift barriers for thousands of families.

Hardship licenses would restore limited driving privileges for people who lost their licenses due to unpaid fines or offenses unrelated to public safety.

Wakeley hopes this new rule can help people participate fully in Alabama society, and they will be able to drive and vote even.

To apply for one of those hardship drivers license,  head over the Alabama law enforcement agency’s website

The hardship drivers license doesn’t apply to DUI offenders, and it won’t cost extra.

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