New improvements coming to NE Huntsville and Five Points

City planners are launching a new construction plan for Northeast Huntsville and Five Points. They rolled out the plan Tuesday evening at Optimist Park. 

The plans takes into consideration issues residents brought up during a series of meetings. Proposed improvements include improving streets, creating sidewalks, zoning and encouraging new business to move to the area.

"The neighbors need a voice because it is our home and when it is our home there is nothing more important. We need to be to communicate clearly with planners, traffic engineers and public works to explain what it is we are looking for," says Frances Akridge. 

Akridge got the idea started two years ago over coffee with Dennis Madsen explaining that once his staff was done with the master plan for the whole city, residents would like to take a chunk of NE Huntsville and plan how they want the future to look. 

Tuesday's viewing was only a draft of the plan and members of the community are encouraged to voice their opinions about the plan and what you want your neighborhood to look and feel like. 

Akridge says there is more to come and for folks to continue to go out to the meetings. If you want more detail to the parks you can contact the NE Huntsville Civic Association.

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