New Athens High officially opens

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The doors of the new Athens High School opened for the first time for class Wednesday morning at its new $59 million state of the art facility.

“The students were all excited. The teachers seemed to be really excited,” said Serena Owsley, Chief Financial Officer at Athens City Schools. “Everything when I was there this morning went smoothly. Our traffic was a little challenge, but it is the first day, it’s pouring down rain, and we figure it will work itself out in about a week.”

Owsley explained there is a back road behind the new high school that leads to the Freshman Center that’s scheudled to later this month. Opening that road is expected to alleviate traffic from the front entrance.

The inside of the school is completely ready except for the auditorium, which is set to be complete by the end of March.

The high school’s first basketball game in the new gym will be held this Saturday.

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