New Alabama Lawmakers Sworn In Today In Montgomery


New members of the Alabama Legislature are being shown the ropes by veteran members.

State Representative, Steve Clouse say this week is an orientation session to teach new members about the process of filing a bills, to learn ethics training and other things.

Newly elected representative, Will Dismukes of Elmore County is fining the orientation informative.

Dismukes say this is a great orientation, they bring them up to speed on a lot of different things, from ethics, to harassment, and stuff they really need to know.

Minority leader Anthony Daniels says one of his party’s focuses will be on additional Pre-K funding.

Another big focus this legislative session will be on infrastructure.

Clouse says it’s been since the early 90’s since a gas tax was passed, so it will be something that is proposed.

but not all member are sold on the gas tax increase just yet.

Dismukes say he hasn’t made any kind of decision on any sort of tax increase, but he thinks the state has issues with its roads and bridges, and lawmakers need to figure out how to fix those issues now.

The official legislative session will begin in March of 2019.

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