Neighbors getting around by boat can finally drive away


People in a Lacey’s Spring neighborhood are coming back to their homes Thursday for the first time in a week.

Neighbors have been getting around by boat and this is the first time the water’s low enough for them to drive. The water on River Loop Road is still high enough that WZDX News the American Red Cross workers who were there didn’t feel comfortable driving through it, but some people with big trucks did and it’s the first time they’re either leaving or coming back to their homes.

Pat Madewell fled her home last Thursday when the water levels kept rising and her kids told her to get out.

“It’s really stressful,” Madewell said. “Of course I miss my house, you miss being home, that’s just the thing about it. And you worry about what’s happened to your home while you’re away and how much it’s gonna cost you to get it back the way you want it to be.”

Now one week later the flooding is finally low enough that she can get back home, but some of her neighbors never left. 

“He literally cruised across the neighborhood in his kayak just to go get food, comfort items, food items, such like that for his family,” said Daniel Warden with Morgan County Red Cross. “But he was like, ‘we have electricity, we have food and water, we’re fine. They would pick them up and take them wherever they needed and that’s the great thing about this place.”

Morgan County’s Red Cross disaster action team is posting up in public places to hand out necessary items. Madewell says there’s no damage inside her home and the Red Cross workers hope that’s the case for more people. However there’s still a lot to clean up.

“Once the water recedes we’ll have anything from rakes to shovels, work gloves, clean-up supplies,” said another Red Cross worker.

Until then neighbors are just glad to be home.

“Relieved. I feel relieved that I’ve seen that my house is still standing,” Madewell said. “The moon shines over the river and it’s beautiful. When the sun comes up it’s like silver. At night with the moon it’s like gold shining on the river. It’s beautiful. It makes it worth it.”

The Red Cross workers say they’ll continue to be in the area if anyone needs them. Find their contact information here.

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