Ms. Wheelchair Alabama pageant promotes inclusion and diversity


This week Mattel unveiled its newest Barbies, including a doll in a wheelchair and one with a removable prosthetic limb.

Ms. Wheelchair Alabama-America is not your traditional beauty pageant. The competition is showing the world to look beyond a person’s disability and focus on their accomplishments. 

Morgan Morrison was excited to hear that Barbie was doing it’s part to recognize people with disabilities, by creating a doll in a wheelchair.

“I thought it was a great message of inclusion,” said Morgan Morrison, Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2018.

As Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2018, Morrison’s goal is to change the way she and others are viewed.

“My platform was called ‘Strong, Capable, Worthy,’ which was about changing the perception about people with disabilities,” Morrison explained.

That’s what the Ms. Wheelchair Alabama pageant is all about.

“The pageant is about giving a voice to strong, independent women, with disabilities and it gives them a platform for advocacy for the 54 million Americans with disabilities,” said Scott Grabner, Masters of Ceremonies.

Contestants are scored on their ability to communicate and present a positive vision for all disabled people.

“Don’t be insecure or shy about it. Whatever message you want to get out there, believe in that and do what you can to help the disability community,” Morrison continued. 

The winner serves as a spokesperson, informing the able-bodied public, of the achievements of millions of people with disabilities across the nation. Morrison said the pageant showcases diversity and the importance of inclusion.

“We can do normal things just like everybody else, we can hold down jobs, participate in just normal everyday activities. We’re much more than what we appear to be,” she added. 

To apply for the Ms. Wheelchair Alabama-America pageant you must be 21 and older. Applications are due by Feb. 20th with the pageant happening on March 9th.

Here’s how you can apply.

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