Most popular first date locations


There has been a list released of the top places to go on a first date, and it’s rather interesting.

Whether you like fast food or fancy food, you’ll probably think there are some really good – or really bad – ideas here.

First, how is Cracker Barrel actually on the list? I mean, I get it’s a family place and they have good comfort food, but as a first date? I think not. 

Five Guys seems like a solid place to go if you need to figure out what your potential girlfriend/boyfriend looks like eating a burger. I can’t hate on this. I took my current girlfriend to Red Robin for a first date. She cuts up her fully stacked burger with a fork and knife. I don’t get it either. 

While I’m not hating on a nice Blizzard, I think BJ’s and DQ should for sure be flipflopped. 

Lastly, I think this list should be used as a last resort if you’re looking for a solid date location. I’m a huge shop local person, and there’s plenty non-chain options to choose from in the Tennessee Valley that would make for an excellent first date. 

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