More office space needed in Huntsville


As Huntsville continues to grow, more and more jobs become available here, but finding a place to work is becoming a challenge.

Huntsville is on track to become Alabama’s largest city. Because thousands of jobs are coming to the area, office space is in high demand.

Colliers International Senior Vice President, Kyle Collins, said, “What we have seen is a very high confidence in the economy, a high confidence in the Huntsville economy. We see a lot of businesses who aren’t here starting to want a presence here, but as important, a lot of the businesses who are here are starting to grow their foot prints here.”

Finding an office space can be even more difficult for businesses who are looking to grow.

“The problem is right now, if you need 1,500, 2,500 square feet, you probably can’t find it. Let’s say I get fifteen phone calls a week. Ten of them are for that little bit of stuff,” said Collins.

In Huntsville, there’s a big desire for nicer, class A office buildings.

Collins said, “The vacancy rate of about 3 to 5 percent is really class A. Class B, it’s probably still healthy, but it’s probably a little larger than that.”

There are new office buildings popping up in the area. Several multi-floor office buildings are coming soon to MidCity District.

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“The supply is going down and the demand continues, so places like, for instance, MidCity. MidCity offers a very unique opportunity for someone to get in an ecosystem that is complete with food and beverage, entertainment, and excitement,” said Collins.

There are also more office spaces coming to Town Madison and at the Redstone Arsenal.

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