Meet the AAMU sophomore who rose to Internet-fame via dorm decor

Tamia Barnes didn't expect international attention: "It just went viral"

HUNTSVILLE Ala. - WIth some ingenuity, and some inspiration from Pinterest and YouTube, sophomore resident assistant Tamia Barnes took some simple steps to next-level her dorm room this year, here at Alabama A&M University.

On Monday, Ms. Barnes tweeted a photo of her dorm room in Foster Hall "to show my friends."

Shortly after sharing the photo, the retweets, likes and questions began to pour in: 4,500+ retweets, 21,000 likes and 225 replies in the last week.

Ms. Barnes suddenly found herself fielding questions such as "Where'd you get the lights on the ceiling?" and "Where did you get the money... lol"





Money was not an object here, since it did not cost Ms. Barnes very much.

The vanity on her dresser was made with a standard mirror and sticky lights, the headboard was brought from home, and the lights come from a speaker she bought at Walmart.

Others have encourage Ms. Barnes to "make a dorm tour on Twitter."


When we visited her during freshman moving weekend, Ms. Barnes said she just wanted to have a few reminders of her room at her family's home in Mobile. -- This is the final product.

The advice for her new legion of followers also applies to the new group of freshman who just moved into Foster Hall.

"Why not make your room as homey as you can?" she said. "I remember my freshman year, I wanted to go home all the time, even though it's five hours way. So, I decorated my [dorm]room and now I don't want to leave."

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