Man finds success with holiday weight challenge, joins again this season


Maintain, Don't Gain kicks off for the second year in Huntsville; weigh-ins are now underway

For many, the holidays are the season to indulge and that can also mean putting on a few extra pounds. A new challenge is has just kicked off in Huntsville for the second year to help folks find the motivation to maintain a healthy weight and not put on additional pounds.

Healthy Huntsville is partnering for a second year with Huntsville Hospital for the “Maintain, Don’t Gain” challenge. Last holiday season, Mayor Tommy Battle said 84% of participants who weighed in and out of the challenge lost weight.

Chad Childress, a recreation aid at Showers Rec Center and Challenger Elementary is doing the program again after finding success with it last year. Tuesday afternoon he weighed in at Showers.

Last holiday season, he lost 16 pounds in around 30 days.

“I just wanted to maintain it at first, and then I got to seeing the results of me just getting up, working out, and eating right, and then I lost those 16,” said Childress.

He said losing the weight felt amazing.

“I was running like five miles in 30 minutes, so it was like okay, I think I’m going to keep doing this Maintain, Not Gain,” he said.

He says he found doing the program with others motivating.

“You want to outdo the next person,” he said. “You want to challenge each other at the same time. I love that aspect of the challenge because we had to outdo each other to see who had lost the most weight.”

Weigh-in’s continue through November 24th. Weigh-outs will take place between January 4th and 10th. Click here for another WZDX story that includes more information about the challenge as well as a list of Weighing locations.

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