Major flooding at Highway 53 near Stateline Bridge in Ardmore


All the rain over the past week has caused problems for many motorists.

This afternoon water covered the roads in Ardmore near the state line. Officers even had to rescue a woman out of her car.  

Highway 53 at the Stateline Bridge in Ardmore looked more like a creek this afternoon, as rain fall flooded the roads. 

“It is one of the low lying areas, that’s prone to flooding in extreme rain conditions like this,” said Seth Burkett, spokesperson for Alabama Department of Transportation.

Up to a foot of water covered many roads in the area. ALDOT Crews were kept busy removing debris.

“The earliest report of flooding at that location we had was about two inches of water on the roadway. As that grew deeper and started to exceed eight inches, that was when we determined that it was impassable,” Burkett said. 

According to the National Weather Service the majority of flood deaths are due to people driving into flooded roadways. ALDOT says if you encounter a flooded road, avoid driving on it if possible. 

“Turn around, take a different route. If you can’t see the surface of the road and get a clear idea of what you’re about to drive into, it’s better safe than sorry,” Burkett said. 

ALDOT will be monitoring roads as rain continues to move through North Alabama in the days ahead.

“Continue to be out checking locations that are prone to flooding and we’ll also continue to monitor locations after we have a closure,” he added. 

Here’s how you can keep an eye out for flooded roadways near you.

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