Madison parents react to new school zoning

Madison City Schools Zoning 2
Madison parent, David Keith, moved to Madison a year and a half ago to be in a quality school district.
Keith says, “The public school system here you know is nationally it’s been known to do very well. So yeah that was definitely a motivating factor.”
To keep up with the new subdivisions popping up in Limestone County that don’t pay taxes towards Madison City Schools, the school board plans to create new unassigned zones for elementary schools in the district.
The families that will be affected will be the ones moving into new developments like this one. And the Madison City Schools’ superintendent says having these unassigned zones will help with the schools’ growing population.
In the map of the proposed elementary school zones, most of the unassigned zones are in the western side of Madison. But there are a few zones in the middle near Madison and Mill Creek Elementary Schools the purple and blue zones.
New families won’t know which elementary school their kids would go to. But Keith says he’d be willing to drive farther in the district if it means a better opportunity for his kids.
Keith says, “The best situation for your kid, you will make the sacrifice and get them in the best situation you can.”
Parents like Keith say they’re excited to see where his kids will go.

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