Madison County Sheriff’s Office offers distracted driving course for teens


Madison County deputies are working to bring down the number of wrecks and deaths on Alabama’s roadways by teaching newbies on the road just how deadly distracted driving can be.

Alabama is one of the top five states for deadliest driving. The Madison County Sheriff’s Distracted Driving Program is at local high schools to teach teens throughout the summer.

The program lets students experience what it’s like to drive distracted so they can see how dangerous it is.

“They go through it a second time distracted,” said Deputy Ryan Koch about the course. “We usually have another instructor that gets up in the back of it like your friend’s in the back seat or we ask them to turn on the radio, play with your cell phone. We count the cones that they hit and then they get a score.”

The program also teaches about seat belt safety and important safety rules of the road.

Find the places and times to go to a session here.


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