Madison County sheriff sworn in: “I’m back home now”


There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s getting to work at what he says feels like home.

Kevin Turner was sworn in as the Madison County Sheriff Monday. Turner started his career at the department and also worked as a chief investigator for the district attorney’s office. Both he and those at the ceremony say the relationships he already has with the people he’ll be working with will be a great asset.

Turner was praised for his character and returned the praise, citing his father’s career as a police officer as the pillar for his interest in law enforcement.

“The minute that I put that county uniform on I sort of felt at home,” Turner said about the start of his career.

He said to his department: “I’m back home now.”

U.S. District Attorney Jay Town says the seriousness of Turner’s new position is especially felt now because of the death of a Birmingham police officer in the line of duty the day before.

“Why do they do it?” Town asked about the decision to go into law enforcement. “It’s very simple. They do it out of duty.”

Turner is bringing a new chief of operations and chief of administration with him. He says the connections he already has will help with training and solving crimes.

 “The fact that he worked in our office and we are personal friends will allow us to work together like no other time in our history,” said Tim Gann, Deputy District Attorney of Madison County.

“Being sheriff, it’s about the department. It’s about the men and women of the department, more so than one person,” Turner told WZDX News. “I would not ever do anything or ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t do and I am gonna be holding everyone, including myself, at another standard,” he told the court room.

Turner says he’ll be ramping up relations between the department and the community.

Turner was asked how he will approach pending lawsuits against the department. He says they must simply do the right thing. He says wearing a badge means you’re held to a higher standard.

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