Madison County School Board holds special session to review district’s report card

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The Madison County School Board held a special session to review the district’s recent report card.

The school system earned a B from the Alabama State Department of Education. Though it’s the same grade from last academic year, the score of 86 shows a slight improvement.

“On average our schools improved 5.5 points,” explained Superintendent Matt Massey. 

The Madison County School Board held a special session to review the district's recent report card.

The grades for high schools are calculated by six different measurements, including graduation rates, absences and college career readiness, which the district received a score of 81.

“That’s really what we’re focusing on, it’s making sure our graduates are ready, it’s not just the number of graduation rates,” Massey continued. 

For elementary and middle schools, 85 percent of the grade comes from standardized testing.

“It doesn’t tell the whole story of what goes in schools and to count 85 percent of a grade, I think folks need to realize that’s one test on one day. Now that said, our kids did really well on their tests. The grades reflected that, but there’s still more going on than just how the kids did on that one day,” he said.

Superintendent Massey said he’s proud of the report card, but isn’t setting expectations for schools to get an A next year.

“Because we don’t want our kids just focusing on a test. We don’t want our teachers teaching all year for one test, on one day. We want them teaching their standards, making it be interactive, working in small groups, getting our kids to advance and grow in their reading and math,” he continued. 

The district scored a low 36 on English Language Proficiency, which measures progress of English language learners. 

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