Madison County Health Department gives free cancer screenings


Madison County Health Department is giving local men a head start in the battle against prostate cancer.

Tomorrow, its doors will be open to men over the age of 40 for free prostate cancer screenings. This is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer among men, and nurses are urging residents to come out and get tested.

“According to studies, one out of six guys will end up with prostate cancer. So, what they do is they screen for it. So just in case, if you actually do have it. If they catch it in time, they can treat it and it wont be fatal to you,” says Madison County Nursing Supervisor, Crystal Tolliver.

Nurses say the best defense against a cancer diagnoses is early detection, and assure residents that the test will be simple and quick.

“The guys are usually in and out in 10 minutes,” explains Tolliver.

This free screening program happens annually. Some patients receive life altering diagnoses. But, the medical staff says they are equipped with information and options for treatment.

“We have had guys that come in with testimonies about how it helped them. They found the cancer and they treated the cancer,” says Tolliver.

The testing is open to the public and will begin Tuesday, July 9 from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm at the Madison County Health Department.

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