Lost hiker rescued near Hobbs Island Road


A lost hiker was rescued Wednesday night near Hobbs Island Road. 

Captain Mckenzie with Huntsville Fire and Rescue says the man had gone on a walk at 5:30 in the evening in an area with no marked trails. 

A few hours later, Fire and Rescue got a call of a lost hiker. The man had called his neighbor, who advised him to call 9-1-1.  Huntsville Fire and Rescue pinged his general location by using cell towers and three search teams were dispatched into a heavily wooded area.

Visibility was poor due to terrain and weather, but the man then used a whistle that allowed rescuers to find him around 9:30 at night. 

The man was safe and just had a few scratches.

In their Facebook post about the rescue, Huntsville Fire and Rescue shared safety tips to help you if you get lost.


– As soon as you realize you may be lost: stop, stay calm, stay put. Panic is your greatest enemy.


– Go over in your mind how you got to where you are. What landmarks should you be able to see? Do not move at all until you have a specific reason to take a step.


– Get our your compass and determine the directions based on where you are standing. Do not walk aimlessly.
– If you are on a trail, stay on it. All trails are marked with signs (where intersections meet) and diamond blazers or maker. However, signs are sometimes vandalized or stolen.
– As a very last resort, follow a drainage or stream downhill. This is often difficult path but could lead to a trail or road. Again, this could be very dangerous.


– Based on your thinking and observations, come up with some possible plans, think them through then act on one of them.
– If you are not very, very confident in the route, then it’s always better to stay put.
– If it’s nightfall, you are injured or you are near exhaustion, stay in place.

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