Local students spreading kindness throughout schools

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Students wrote a word that describes something they like about themselves to display on a poster in the lunchroom.

Students and teachers at Madison City Schools are participating in a month-long kindness campaign.

The idea came from students who wanted to spread positivity throughout the schools.

The campaign includes student-lead activities like thanking custodians, sitting with a new classmate, and posting kind notes around the schools.

Bob Jones High School students are writing something they like about themselves and sticking it on the “No Name-Calling” banner in the lunchroom this week.

There are themed acts of kindness each day in February. Today, the students picked up trash around school. Tomorrow, they will try to hold the door open for someone.

Bob Jones Junior, Sarah Arafat, said “No matter how kind you think you might be, there’s always room for improvement to be more kind and to build, like I said, a culture of positivity amongst your peers, amongst people you’re with every day.”

James Clemens High School students are also spreading kindness this month. They wrote kind quotes and phrases on pieces of paper and posted them in the hallways.

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