Local students prove video gaming is a sport


Grissom High Schoolers are proving that video gaming is a sport. Two teams from Grissom High School placed first and second in the state’s first ever Esports finals.

Esports became an official high school sport just last year. The gamers are set up against each other in a virtual area, so competing teams take over their school’s computer lab for the competition. 

Grissom High School had 25 students sign up to compete in Esports this season. Esports coaches say there has been a lot of interest from a wide variety of students.

Esports Head Coach, John Wright, said this is an opportunity for “students who may not have felt like they wanted to participate in a traditional sport, but they feel like this is a way for them to represent their school, to compete, to do something they enjoy doing.”

Like traditional sports, the competitors practice, scout the competition, and have to work together. There are currently 11 states that participate in Esports. Coaches say that nearly 30 states will be competing by next season.

The University of Alabama and Auburn University both have Esports clubs, and students can get scholarships for competing.

“It is still an opportunity for them to not just earn college money for scholarship but also have something on their resume that’s going to be attractive to future employers,” said Wright.


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