Local shoppers make the mad dash for Valentine’s gifts


When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, some mix it up from year to year, while many stick to tried and true traditions. Whether folks plan their gifts or buy them on the fly, the last minute rush for Valentine’s Day gifts is inevitable.

Walk along the shops at Bridge Street around lunchtime, and you will have found a line out the door at the Chocolate Crocodile, with folks inside snatching up chocolate-covered treats for loved ones this holiday.

“Chocolate covered apples,” said James ODonnell. “I come every year. My wife and daughter love them. People love sweets, and chocolate is great.”

“I expected it to be a little crowded but not to this extent,” said Terry Webb who came for his wife, who had a special request. “My wife loves the chocolate caramel-covered apples. She had asked for one for Valentine’s Day, so here I am.”

Others are celebrating the holiday with cookie cake. “I got two cakes,” said Carlos Kennemer. “It’s my birthday and Valentine’s Day, so I’ve got to do it big.”

Kennemer said he doesn’t mind being a Valentine’s Day baby.

“I always felt special growing up. We always had parties and stuff. I felt like– it was for me,” he said.

At Star Super Market, tables of flowers and candy are disappeared quickly. “Is that chocolate for you?”, asked Kateryna Elrod to a customer at the register at Big Star Market. “No– momma,” said the customer.

“Aww, that’s so sweet!”, said Elrod, who said she enjoys asking customers who the gift is for. “The more people give to someone, it makes me happy.”

But what are the most popular gifts?

Candy necklaces, conversation hearts, and a heart shaped box of chocolates– those are the top three gifts for valentines in Alabama according to one study.

Last year, the average cost of Valentine’s Day per couple was $70.32. In 1948, the average cost per couple was $8.79.

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