Local organization feeding the community, one meal at a time


Non-profit organization Visible Hope’s mission is to make sure anyone in the community who is hungry gets a meal. 

“There is no judgment. If you are hungry, if you are working poor, if you are homeless it doesn’t matter… you can come here and get a meal,” says Dell Mitchell. 

Many in the community depend on these meals. 

“I am thankful that I was here to eat, because without this I probably won’t get nothing to eat tonight,” says Julius Smith. 

“Even if I just help one person… it’s enough,” says Mitchell. 

But one turns into hundreds, with over 250 mouths fed just in one day.

“We really take pride in the meals because these are the same meals that we eat at home. We put a lot of love into our food,” Mitchell adds. 

“It gives most the people here a picture of people caring,” says Barry Ziegler.

Ziegler, a former oil worker, tells me this experience has given him a new perspective on the homeless.

“I would stop and give homeless people money, and I would drive away and think, ‘Get a job man’, but then now that I am here and it’s not that case… not everybody can do that,” he states. 

Visible Hope inspires him.

“A few weeks ago, I would’ve been ashamed to say that I was in a homeless shelter, but now I am proud of it. I know why God put me here, and as soon as I get out I am coming back to help,” says Ziegler. 

The organization relies on donations.

To make a donation click here.

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