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Crowds turn out for hydroplane racing at Lake Guntersville Hydrofest

Lake Guntersville Hydrofest

Guntersville - About 10,000 people showed up at Lake Guntersville Sunday, packing the shoreline at Hydrofest, the first boat racing event of its kind to happen in Guntersville since 1969.

What brought people to the lake?

"The camaraderie, the friends here that you meet, the water, the beauty, the nostalgia," said Bob Lock. "I've lived here 45 years."

For others, it was all about watching the boats race: H-1 Unlimited Hydroplanes.

"I'm kind of nervous for them, but I'm happy," said McKenzie Moore.

"My heart races," said Jason Taylor. "I love it. It's really great being here."

Three boats competed in the heat at 2PM on a 2.5 mile long course. Some wind kept the water from being glass smooth, which is ideal for racing.

The U21 was the fastest for the heat, clocking more than 158 miles per hour on one lap. The U9 Delta-Realtrack won the big prize at Hydrofest and is the Southern Cup Championship final, averaging just over 152 miles per hour over five laps.

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