Local high schoolers awarded with Northrop Grumman scholarships

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Three local high schoolers were awarded with engineering scholarships from Northrop Grumman today.

The students were recognized for being the first group to finish Northrop Grumman’s High School Involvement Program (HIP). They started the program their junior year of high school and spent the last two years working with mentors to develop different high-tech projects.

HIP participant, Justus Welch, built a robot that mounts to a trumpet. It uses 3-D printed “fingers” so that someone with an arm or hand injury can play Taps.

“A lot of the best bands in the world happen to be U.S. Military bands, so given that a lot of injured war fighters most likely are instrument players, I wanted to make somewhat of a prosthetic robot that’s able to play trumpet for those that may not have the ability to use their hand,” said Welch.

Today, the students presented their projects to their mentors and peers. HIP program leaders say they have enjoyed watching the students grow as engineers.

Director of Strategic Systems Business Unit, Chuck Johnson, said, “Professionally they’re up briefing a room full of people. They’re answering hard, technical questions from an engineering reviewed panel, how they handle themselves. It’s an amazing process.”

Each student that completed the HIP program was awarded with a $16,000 scholarship.


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