Local group helps transform home for elderly veteran


Bearded Warriors and Home Depot have partnered up to make all kinds of improvements to Lorenzo Covington’s home. Mr. Covington is a Korean War veteran who has lived with his wife in his Huntsville home for the last 4 years. He uses a wheelchair, and it hasn’t been easy up until now to move in and out of the house. Just two days ago, the house lacked a wheelchair ramp, and the driveway was not so easy to push one on.

“Myself and two managers from Home Depot submitted a veteran service project grant through Home Depot and was awarded $25,000,” said Ty Oswald, President of Bearded Warriors.

Through the grant, volunteers built Mr. Covington a new ramp, paved his driveway, and widened a doorway inside so that a wheelchair can pass through.  They also did landscaping work and are putting up a new fence in the backyard.  

Just over a month ago, an issue came up with the contractor that could’ve halted the project.

“All of a sudden the homeowner was out almost $6000,” said Oswald. “That turned into – Oh my gosh –  what are we going to do – now we need either concrete or asphalt.”

Oswald reached out to WZDX, and we shared the story, and a donor came forward to help build a concrete pad.

“It’s humbling actually to see the community jump up in less than 18 hours of seeing the news coverage of hey we need some help – to having a concrete pad and being ready to go,” he said.

Oswald looks forward to Mr. Covington being able to use the newly updated home.

“He will be able to come outside almost on his own and enjoy the front porch and the weather we’re about to start having,” he said. “We’re not trying to change the world, but for Mr. Covington, his entire world is about to change when he gets back on Sunday.”

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