Local businesses feeling the impact of Cecil Ashburn Drive closure

Cecil Ashburn Drive closure business impact

It’s been nearly three weeks since Cecil Ashburn Drive was closed for construction. The project to widen the road is estimated to take 18 months.

Businesses along the road are still open, but some are now seeing fewer customers than usual. This is leaving business owners with no choice but to get creative to drive in more customers.

Anaheim Chili is counting down the days of the closure on their Facebook page, and they’ve been posting silly updates in hopes to bring more attention to the restaurant.

Anaheim Chili owner, Scott Harriman, says bringing in as many people as possible is crucial for small businesses.

“If you lose ten people a day, that’s significant for a business our size. As a little business, you know, that ten people a day makes all the difference for me,” said Harriman.

The flow of customers seems to be steady during the weekends, but fewer people are passing by the store fronts on week days.

The main thing local business owners want people to know is they are still open and easy to get to.

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