Limestone Co. Sheriff’s Office targets specific crime thanks to Nextdoor App


Thousands of neighbors in Limestone County are now connecting through the Nextdoor App and the sheriff’s office says it’s helping them.

More and more neighbors are downloading the Nextdoor app since the county launched it last month. Almost 7,000 people are now using it in Limestone County. 

The way it works is like a digital neighborhood watch. You download the app and put in your address then get notifications from police and from your neighbors.

Public Information Officer Stephen Young says people have already offered their security footage to police and they’re able to narrow down crimes like car break-ins and thefts.

“They can respond to whatever alert we’re giving and provide possibly information, evidence, security footage,” he said.

The people who get the alerts are only those who need to see them, making the process more effective.

The fact more people are using Nextdoor is encouraging one woman who lives at the end of a small cul-de-sac. 

Eva Blahut says she gets notifications asking her if she wants to be Nextdoor’s founding member for her neighborhood. Now that the app has caught on so quickly in the county, she’s looking to jump on board.

“My husband works third shift so six days a week nobody’s there except for me and my uncle,” Blahut said. “It would be nice to have alerts so I’m thinking I might do it. It sounds like a wise move.”

Young says the base line is that Nextdoor encourages community involvement and the safest communities are the ones that are engaged.

“It gives us an avenue really not just to engage with our communities but also to help empower them and that’s a powerful tool,” Young said.

If you live in Madison city limits but in Limestone County you’re able to get Nextdoor alerts for the city, county, and Madison County as well.

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