Libraries provide safe online resources for kids


Local libraries provide access to computers and lap tops, many specifically for kids to use. Internet use at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library is monitored and protects users from cyber threats.

Huntsville-Madison County Public Library IT Services Manager, Aaron Sakovich, said, “We do have some computers which are not connected to the internet. Parents are free to go ahead and let their kids use those. We do, on the other hand, also have internet connected computers. Those, we do suggest parents monitor their childrens use on. Be able to sit there and watch with them, to explore with them, and be able to show them the right way and the wrong way to do things online.”

The library actively uses website blockers mandated by the federal government, so bringing personal smart devices to the library is a safe way to let kids explore the internet. If you connect to their Wi-Fi, the same content blockers apply.

The library constantly updates their internet rules and restrictions to keep kids as safe as possible.

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