Keep personal data safe with strong passwords

Cyber Safe Passwords

Creating new passwords can be frustrating, but they’re necessary to keep your personal data safe.

Many people use the same passwords over and over. Cybersecurity expert, Shane Hammett, says that’s a bad idea.

“There’s a continuous touch to the internet in such a way that bad actors can actually get exposure to that in some way, and so the more you operate in an online manner and the more exposure you get, the likelihood of that password being exposed in some way goes up,” said Hammett.

With more advanced technology becoming available every day, it’s a lot easier for hackers to get through a password. Whether it’s shopping online or locking your smart phone, it’s important to keep your information safe with a strong password.

Strong passwords are at least 15 characters long and include numbers, symbols, and capital letters. One trick that can make passwords much harder to figure out are phrases.

“I love football would be an example of that or something like, I can’t wait to go home, you know, more sentence like,” said Hammett.

Connecting multiple devices like your smart watch and your phone can also put your passwords at a higher risk of being hacked.


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