Keep packages safe from porch pirates


If you did a lot of online shopping this Cyber Monday, you need to make sure you’re the one who ends up with your packages.

An easy way to avoid falling victim to porch pirates is to have your packages delivered to work. If you have to get packages at home, make sure to track them.

Arab Police Department Assistant Chief Shane Washburn said, “Usually you can get that on your mobile device, email, several different ways you can get notification of that, and that way at least you know when the package may arrive so you can either have someone there or yourself to actually receive the package as soon as it gets left.”

Porch pirates will even follow delivery trucks to your home, so be sure to request a signature before your package can be dropped off.

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If you’re worried about porch pirates, larger chain stores like Target and Walmart will allow you to pick up your package in store.

A door bell camera can be enough to scare a porch pirate away, but if it doesn’t, police can at least use the footage to identify the thief.

“Those are very helpful in case the packages do get stolen. We have video evidence of it, and we can post that to social media and other things and it really helps in our investigations,” said Washburn.

Police say if you do become a porch pirate victim, you should notify the seller and report it to police as soon as possible.

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