Keep kids safe from social media threats


It’s very common today for parents to give a child a cell phone at an early age, but with smart phones, comes social media.

National Children’s Advocacy Center Community Awareness and Prevention Director, Pam Clasgens, says to teach kids cyber safety by practicing “what if” scenarios.

“If somebody asked you to meet them in real life, somebody that you’d met online, if they asked you for your address or your phone number, what would you do,” said Clasgens.

She says parents should monitor their kids social media accounts.

“There’s lots of dangers there because so much of that time online is unsupervised. We can ask them really simple questions about, you know, who are you spending time with online and what are you doing, what kind of games are you playing,” said Clasgens.

Parents can also put strict privacy settings on kids social media accounts, but keeping an eye on your child’s social media doesn’t mean you have to watch them scroll through their feeds.

“You can just have a rule about I’m going to check your account or I’m going to check your phone, and the kids know you’re going to do that,” said Clasgens.

Talk often with kids about social media, and if they open up, stay calm and keep your cool.

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