Judge Roy Moore makes rare public appearance to hear from candidates


For the first time since the 2017 special US Senate race, Judge Roy Moore made a rare appearance to a group of Republicans in Montgomery. He spoke exclusively to our state capitol bureau reporter, Reshad Hudson.

During that one-on-one conversation, Judge Roy Moore, talked about everything from his failed senate campaign to lawsuits he’s involved in with his accusers and if he plans to make another run this year for public office. 

In his first public outing since his failed bid for the United States Senate , Judge Roy Moore stopped in this afternoon at the River Region Republican meeting, like many, to hear from the candidates. 

Judge Roy Moore said, “So many people go to the ballot booth; they look the ballot, they don’t know anybody running, but if you come to these things you can learn what they stand for or at least they tell you what they stand for.” 

Aside from today’s meeting, Moore is involved in a lawsuit with his accusers of sexual misconduct. He’s suing Leigh Corfman, Debbie Gibson, Tina Johnson and Beverly Nelson for libel and slander. 

Moore says he’s trying to bring out the truth of what happened. “It’s kind of obvious when it’s 30 days before an election and some people come up and say you did something 40 years ago, you didn’t do.”

Moore still maintains his innocence and calls this a political conspiracy. He says, “Well, I knew it was wrong and I knew it was false. It hurt my family and it hurt me, it was political and that’s what it was.” 

Moore still hangs on to a decent amount of popularity in Alabama, with some speculating if he’ll run for governor as an independent.  But he told us, “I don’t think we’re going to run in this race. In the future I may change my mind and run for something else.” 

Moore says right now he’s going to spend his time trying to clear his name though some these lawsuits, and we could see more lawsuits coming soon. 

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